Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Okay!  It is that time of the year.  Starborn Support is putting on the conference this year.  I must say, however, it is by the skin of their teeth.  Audrey has worked so hard, her head is spinning.  This conference means so much to so many people, and there is the distinct possibility that this, the fifth year, and the tenth anniversary of the founding of Starborn Support, just might be the last year for the Starborn Support Enlightenment Expo on August 26 and 27.

It costs almost $20,000 to put on just one conference.  Everything is brought and paid for, for the most part, out of pocket.  You must understand, so, I am going to list the things that cost a ton of cash:

1) The Conference Venue

2) The food and drink -- for up to 150 people

3) Speaker fees (for speaking, and some need transportation.  There are 9 speakers this year.  Do the math!

4) Radio and print advertising

5) And many miscellaneous fees, and costly things that pop up like insurance, repairs, technical assistance.

As I said, it costs the better part of $20,000 bucks.  Now, last year I put together the Experiencers Helping Experiencers, and I little to no response.  This year, we went high Tech.  There is a Go Fund Me page you can go to and pledge your support!  Here it is:

Save the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo.  It is the only conference of it's time that focuses on the experiencer, contactees, CE3K individuals, and those who are interested in the subject or want to learn and become helpers.  Every year this conference gets morwe and more important.

Come together people -- Save our conference.  Click on the URL above and give a little.  It won't hurt, but it will certainly help!

And regardless, we love you all!


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