Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo, 2016: A "No-Miss" Event!

The Conference:
The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo this year is going to be held on Friday August 26th and Saturday, August 27th.  The location is The Fireside Inn and Suites, 81 Riverside Street in Portland, Maine.  This conference is happening just a few months prior to election day, and this year the conference is a must-attend.  Several of our resident psychics have predicted that 2016 is going to be a very important year.  Something is going to happen that will be the catalyst to great change.  When the predictions were made at the beginning of last year, it didn’t occur to me at the time that 2016 was an election year.  Now, we are watching the pieces – the ingredients of that catalyst fall into place.  Based on what my psychic friends told me, the time to watch is between September and November.   

The Coming Elections:
Donald Trump is running for president.  His entry into the race sparked something that ignited the angry and dissatisfied American, and suddenly, he has risen to dominate the Republican field.  He is brash, outspoken and definitely not a politician, and this is part of his appeal.  He has drawn together a huge and energetic crowd of angry Americans – I said it again.  The other candidates have either fallen by the wayside, or they are disliked by the body politic.  Ted Cruz really scares me – he impresses me as a slippery, sleazy, and darkly crafty man.  Perhaps the last in the Republican side of the race connected to the “old boy network.”  On the other side, the Democrats have Hillary Clinton.  She is looked upon with a range of emotions that go from mild disdain to out and out hatred.  Some of her worst critics say she is a “liar and a sneak.”  Others worship the ground she treads upon.  She was the worst Secretary of State ever, and was the reason Benghazi happened, and oh, those emails!  We also have Bernie Sanders.  He is well liked, and he has drawn to himself a young crowd of people, many of whom are “millennials,” who are looking for something different.  Bernie is a card-carrying socialist.  Things look grim.  Not much to choose from. Now, Donald Trump is the front-runner in the Republican Party, and without going into great detail – which we do not have time for – he has basically told his minions if the Republican Party prevents him from becoming the Republican Presidential Candidate, then there might be riots.  RIOTS, PEOPLE!  Nineteen sixty-eight all over, but this time, there is so much more at stake.  The whole world is watching this time too, and their nails are bitten down to the quick.  Trump has said many things that make him look anything but presidential.  But that statement he made about “…there might be riots…,” well that stuck in my head until I figured it out.  Could he possibly be giving his crowd of followers subliminal hints?  It’s something to think about.  Anyway, this time, it is so hard to get the process straight.  The good guys seem like bad guys, and the bad guys, well they look worse.  People are awakening quickly, and they are reacting with great energy as the veil is being torn from their view, and reality is illuminated like a sign on the Vegas Strip.  What will happen?  It doesn’t take being psychic to see what is happening, with all of the pieces falling into place.  Keep your eyes and ears open,  Prepare for whatever might take place.  It’s anyone’s guess.  I think this year’s experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo is a chance to meet with like minds to charge up with positive energy and light to make it through whatever takes place.  The only way we can get the word out is to keep speaking out about it to the world, one experiencer at a time, until the subject gains enough positive, potential energy to take hold and spread on its' own... 

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