Sunday, May 17, 2015

Roswell Slides and Other Gaffes: What Does it Mean for Ufology?

What more can be said about the Roswell Slides that hasn’t already been said and rehashed?  Well, I want to throw in my two cents as creator of Starborn Support Radio, for what it’s worth.  First of all I, at least, and I think I speak for my colleagues as well, I hate to be duped…  and unfortunately, that is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of “Roswell Slides.”  The term “Roswell Slides” will, as F.D.R. said a long time ago, “ in infamy” as being the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back” in Ufology.  Never again will I, and I hope Ufology in general, be fooled.  Since I seem to be using famous quotes, “ Wef Wont Get Fooled Again!”  If we are fooled just one more time, then we are all just children waiting with bated breath for the new toy we have been promised, but then find it’s made of cheap plastic, and doesn’t work half the time, and we don't have the right batteries...  We will not be considered to be mature, intelligent researchers anymore – even though that is what we are.  Is the field that hungry that it still needs proof of the existence of aliens?  Have we not even more compelling evidence than a few slides?  What about Abduction Research?

I think this radio show presents exceptional evidence almost every week we broadcast.  There is no better proof of the existence of aliens than thousands of reports of abduction by, and contact and observation of alien entities a year.  There are probably a lot more than that; since December of 2014, I alone have contacted and in most cases interviewed experiencers of all sorts.  Multiply that by the seven researchers on our MUFON Experiencers Research Team, and that increases the numbers.  Add to that the number of people interviewed and aided by Starborn Support International, and once more, the numbers increase.  Finally, add to that total all of the experiencers aided by the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), and you have at least a thousand people – and that only covers the three organizations I am associated with.  There are many more organizations out there doing their best to help and service experiencers, and based on that estimation, we can safely say thousands of individuals each year, and the number of people coming out and openly talking about their abductions, contact or sighting of alien beings is greatly increasing.  The numbers alone constitute evidence so much more valuable than two bogus slides.  Also, there is a great percentage of correlation amongst experiencers’ reports.  Only a small percentage of reports fall on either side of the norm, some more exotic and fantastic, others more simple and clear-cut.  Some of these reports from this small group are from individuals who, unfortunately, suffer from some psychiatric condition, such as delusional disorder, or schizophrenia, while others are perpetrated by individuals who want their “15 minutes of fame,” claiming to be abductees, when they clearly are not.  I call this “The Wannabe Syndrome.”  I’ve always told people to be careful what they wish for…

In other words, a very large, and statistically significant number of people who claim to have been abducted – really have been abducted.  I admit, the only thing we have to go by is their reports, and occasionally a scoop mark or an implant.  In this field, however, that is evidence that weighs the same as a couple of so-called slides – maybe even more.   We forget at times that there are no experts in Ufology, but there are people who know more than others do about the science.  There are no answers to any of the phenomena we record, research and report.  There are only creative and theoretical suppositions regarding the presence of, activities of, and purpose of alien visitation to our planet.  We can only hope that one day soon, someone will stumble upon the conclusive evidence.  Even then – do we really need conclusive evidence?  Ask an abductee about conclusive evidence, and then pull up a chair – you will be there for a while as they describe a lifetime of contact and interaction with otherworldly beings.  Conclusive as you can get!  Who needs slides?  Not Abduction Researchers!

Colleagues, we cannot allow ourselves to be fooled again.  We must approach any fantastic claim with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Before we begin “dancing in the streets” we should investigate the evidence with the utmost care, and investigate the investigator or investigators who did the research, and the people reporting such a ground breaking and world-changing collection of evidence.  Until all of that work has been done – diligent and close scrutiny of all the evidence – any word of the discovery should be kept out of public awareness – not to hide the truth, but to make sure the researchers are reporting the truth, and not some half-cocked, heavily hyped, suspiciously hidden until people put out good money discovery that looks in hindsight like more of a scam than an astounding discovery.  Some paid one hundred dollars to attend that presentation.  I’m sure thousands of others forked over twenty bucks for the right to watch the event in real time over the Internet.

In plain English, those Roswell Slides really sucked, and made most of us look like fools as we ecstatically clapped our hands in anticipation and swooned at the mere thought of finally hearing that aliens are real.  Ufology as a hopeful field of scientists, researchers and investigators, hobbyists and the like looking for mainstream recognition as a real field of study will for sure be relegated to the discount rack of science and discovery, full of crazies hunting for unobtanium.  In the public eye, we will lose it all.

Don’t even get me started on infighting and blatant defamation of character by a handful of plain idiots who have no idea whom they are messing with…

Oops – Did I really say that?  I better quit while I still hold on to my self-respect.  Thanks for reading.


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