Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rendlesham Forest: Larry Warren and Peter Robbins Lay it out!! You must listen!!

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This Saturday: I really don't have to sell this one hard.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident has been hotly disputed, wrongly presented, left out witnesses, discredited witnesses, said certain witnesses weren't even present... (WHAT?) government played mind games with witnesses, especially our guest this week, I could go on. We are in the middle of the third decade since the incident -- the third night. The night it all went down. Listen, If you haven't read "Left at East Gate," please read it. I'm not trying to sell books for Peter and Larry, I'm trying to prepare you. Borrow the book from a friend, rent it from the library. Because this weekend, Saturday night, It will all be laid bare. The truth will be spread out before your ears... I have instructed Larry Warren and Peter Robbins not to spare anything. Not to candy coat anything. My dear listeners, You might have heard these distinguished gentlemen on other shows, and they ripped it up. I am removing all of the restraints as well.

Larry will be coming to us live from Liverpool, and Peter live from Ithaca New York. All of our superb hosts will be present. Chris Augustin, Julia Weiss, Sacha Christie, and me, of course, Michael Austin Melton.

These gentlemen have been trying to spread the truth behind the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Believe me, the truth will be told.

Please join us for another Starborn Support Radio Show. If you haven't listened before, thie show will be a good introduction to the Starborn style.

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