Friday, March 20, 2015

A Round-Table Preview

         Welcome to our round table show!  Tonight, we are going to look back on our shows from February 7th, Miriam Delicado’s show to Last week’s show, where we talked to Bridget Smith.  Between Bridget and Miriam we had the distinct pleasure to join with Rev. John Polk, Carrie Boyer, and Miesha Johnson.  We started the year with Butch Witkowski, Founder and director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania.  We spoke with Thom Reed, Our own co-host Sacha Christie with Carrie Boyer, and on that show we were graced with the appearance of Linda Cortile, and Deb Jordan-Kauble.  Getting to talk with Linda on the air is a rarity, and we here at Starborn and KGRA are ever grateful that Linda chose our show to talk about Budd Hopkins, and of course, her experiences.  We spoke with Nancy Tremaine the following week, and she shared with us her story, quite an amazing tale of abduction and transformation.  The week after that, we spoke with a young musician from Philadelphia, one Mark Sgambato and another young Philadelphian, Ariel Levine.
            It is important to remember that a few of these fine individuals found the desire and bravery to step into our virtual studio in the cloud and reveal for the first time their abduction and contact experiences.  We have had many people on this show in the past  – “first-timers,” as it were, who found the same courage to openly talk about their experiences.  Why are we able to have so many come on this show and talk freely?  To put it plainly, the atmosphere is changing.  The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, or FREE, has declared 2015 as “The Year of the Experiencer.”  October 1st will be the very first “Experiencer Liberation Day.”  This day will be celebrated annually until the truth is revealed, that we are involved with aliens and humanoids at every level of existence – government, citizenry, and at different levels or planes of reality, that we all share the same space – an infinitely large and spacious universe teaming with life, and the desire for exploration and adventure.  Our hope is that they all desire peace and good relations.
            There are also some internal struggles going on.  Over the course of 2014, a few of our well known experiencers and researchers suffered attempts to ruin their credibility.  Is this jealousy within the ranks, or is it some external body of force doing their best to halt our movement toward the truth?  Are we being pushed away when we get too close?  This phenomenon occurs here in the States, and across the pond in the UK, where one event which occurred 35 years ago is still hotly debated, and many things, both events and people continue to be discredited.  I think the pot is being stirred from outside our ranks.  I think that we are getting close; too close for comfort among some factions and their spies within our community, and they are squirming, desperately trying to thwart the waves of experiencers that will, in short time, assist in revealing the truth in a very big way.  I do agree – this is the year of the experiencer.  Look out, darkness, we’re about to turn on the light!  What do you think?  (call us and share your thoughts.)  Jump in to our chat room and share with us.  Read our blog – where this will be posted.  Your thoughts  really matter, and we want to hear them.  Let’s get on with the show!

          Hello, everyone!  I posted this copy of the March 21st prologue in order to open a dialog with everyone interested and / or involved.  We at the Radio Show want your thoughts and opinions.  Leave a comment or so!

Love to you all!
Michael Austin Melton
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