Friday, June 7, 2013

Starborn Support is Getting Bigger, Better, and I Think It's Awesome!

Starborn Support of Maine, and Starborn Support of Southeastern Pennsylvania welcome with open arms Ufologist, Scientist, and Abduction Expert Kathleen Marden!!  She has joined our team full time.  This is a wonderful thing.  Kathy has a truly scientific background, and being the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, she carries with her a legend of sorts.

Denise Stoner, Abduction Researcher and the operator of several support groups for abductees in the state of Florida, has decided that she is coming aboard as well.  There is one thing for certain -- Starborn Support is heading toward the top of the heap.  The organization is now represented in three states, Starborn Support of Maine, Starborn Support of S.E. Pennsylvania, and Denise's group in Florida.  I am not sure whether her group will formally take the Starborn Support label.

It matters not, however.  The important thing is the growth factor.  It was written in the stars.  I mean that literally!  Audrey "Starborn" Hewins, our executive director and founder, was told during one of her abductions to create this organization, and when them time was right, it would grow, develop, and flourish.  Now, it appears the time is right.  The old order is slowly dwindling, and the new order, the order of compassion and person-centered assistance, research and support, is moving in.  As the day of disclosure draws near, a new breed of investigator, researcher, and supporter must take the reigns.  The old order, such as MUFON, since becoming subsidized, and thus, compromised in their integrity by corporate overseers, will take a back seat.  We have many critics out there -- The Aerial Phenomenon Investigation team literally calls us a joke.  According to what's written in the stars, the joke will be on them.

I mention this because we have factions that do not want to see us become a force in the research, scientific and therapeutic departments of Ufology.  They doubt alien visitation.  They feel abduction is fantasy, and the place to be is from a position of acquiring technology from our alien visitors.  I hate to break the news to them -- they are not interested in sharing technology.  They are interested in the human being, and that is where research should be focused.

So, challengers, doubters, and debunkers, bring it on.  The cream always floats to the top.  That's where you'll find us.

With love to all,

Even our challengers, doubters and debunkers,

Michael Austin Melton
Founder and Co-Director,
Starborn Support of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Host and Co-owner, Starborn Support Radio

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