Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Okay!  It is that time of the year.  Starborn Support is putting on the conference this year.  I must say, however, it is by the skin of their teeth.  Audrey has worked so hard, her head is spinning.  This conference means so much to so many people, and there is the distinct possibility that this, the fifth year, and the tenth anniversary of the founding of Starborn Support, just might be the last year for the Starborn Support Enlightenment Expo on August 26 and 27.

It costs almost $20,000 to put on just one conference.  Everything is brought and paid for, for the most part, out of pocket.  You must understand, so, I am going to list the things that cost a ton of cash:

1) The Conference Venue

2) The food and drink -- for up to 150 people

3) Speaker fees (for speaking, and some need transportation.  There are 9 speakers this year.  Do the math!

4) Radio and print advertising

5) And many miscellaneous fees, and costly things that pop up like insurance, repairs, technical assistance.

As I said, it costs the better part of $20,000 bucks.  Now, last year I put together the Experiencers Helping Experiencers, and I little to no response.  This year, we went high Tech.  There is a Go Fund Me page you can go to and pledge your support!  Here it is:

Save the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo.  It is the only conference of it's time that focuses on the experiencer, contactees, CE3K individuals, and those who are interested in the subject or want to learn and become helpers.  Every year this conference gets morwe and more important.

Come together people -- Save our conference.  Click on the URL above and give a little.  It won't hurt, but it will certainly help!

And regardless, we love you all!


Saturday, April 9, 2016


John Podesta, the former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, and Clinton campaign chair said the 42nd president once "asked for some information about the UFO Phenomenon, and in particular, some information about what was going on at Area 51, what happened at Roswell, and other events"  As we all know, he was turned down, leaving us in the dark and wondering why yet another request to release the UFO files, I’ll call them, was denied.  Really, when you think about it, this question without a given answer has, in my book, has been answered.  Will Podesta convince Hillary to get the UFO files released?  Podesta says yes. However,  I'm sorry --- I'll believe it when I see it.  And even then, honesty and the release of "all" the UFO documents is dependent solely on the individual who signs off on the order. Will they release ALL of the files, I answer with an emphatic NO! They will do what they always do:  release a few innocuous files just to stir up all of the conspiracy people, whistle-blowers and "hard core" UFO fanatics (not the real researchers, mind you), and set the field ablaze once more, making the entire subject a folly for The Powers That Be. We will just be shot down again. And, I do not have an answer for the problem at hand. I wish someone did.
I honestly think all of these politicians mean well.  I really do believe they are going to give it their best shot.  However, like I said a few moments ago, the question and answer cannot be trusted because the release of these documents is under strict control and watchfulness.  Steely eyes are fixed on the pathway to the truth as they know it, and no one – no one but insiders will pass through the doors of the chamber where the cabal meets.  Picture in your mind’s eye any scene from that Awesome TV show, The X-Files, where the smoking man, C.G.B. Spender, is sitting amongst the leaders of the New World Order, telling them in his pedestrian, quiescent voice, shrouded by a veil of dread and unease,  “The problem has been handled.”  Even the smoking man knows there are limits to his level of status amongst this group, and his disappearance would only be a few lines in the obituaries.  Was this what happened to J. F. K.?  We will never get to examine those documents directly – only what is permitted to be seen through page after page of redacted data and fact. 
However, stop thinking about this issue and feel it for a moment.  What does your gut tell you?  Especially you in the audience who are experiencers – what is the answer literally screaming inside your head?  My gut tells me we already know the complete truth, which then lends itself to our own individual interpretations of that truth.  Remember, like fingerprints, truth is an individual thing.  No two interpretations are alike.  The point I want to get across is this:  If we sit with bated breath waiting for the government to come forth with the answer or anything resembling the “Quote – unquote” truth, we are playing into their game.  Experiencers know the truth.  They’ve, as the old saying goes, “Been there, done that.”  Why are we not paying attention to their stories, their recollections of the abduction or abductions they have experienced?  Because we have within us a residual fear that we will be pegged as a “loony tunes,” or crazy.  It’s not much, just enough to surreptitiously cloud our vision.  The experiencer feels this as well.  Let’s get over it, and really listen, speak, and learn together.  We don’t need no stinkin’ government to answer our questions or dole out the truth, because we already know the answer.  They’re here, and the truth isn’t out there, it’s inside all of us.
I just want to remind everyone that my opinions and thoughts are my own, and not necessarily the attitude of the station, my co-host, or guests.  I encourage feedback and your thoughts as well.  You can find me on Facebook.  Don’t be a stranger!
Much love to all of you...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo, 2016: A "No-Miss" Event!

The Conference:
The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo this year is going to be held on Friday August 26th and Saturday, August 27th.  The location is The Fireside Inn and Suites, 81 Riverside Street in Portland, Maine.  This conference is happening just a few months prior to election day, and this year the conference is a must-attend.  Several of our resident psychics have predicted that 2016 is going to be a very important year.  Something is going to happen that will be the catalyst to great change.  When the predictions were made at the beginning of last year, it didn’t occur to me at the time that 2016 was an election year.  Now, we are watching the pieces – the ingredients of that catalyst fall into place.  Based on what my psychic friends told me, the time to watch is between September and November.   

The Coming Elections:
Donald Trump is running for president.  His entry into the race sparked something that ignited the angry and dissatisfied American, and suddenly, he has risen to dominate the Republican field.  He is brash, outspoken and definitely not a politician, and this is part of his appeal.  He has drawn together a huge and energetic crowd of angry Americans – I said it again.  The other candidates have either fallen by the wayside, or they are disliked by the body politic.  Ted Cruz really scares me – he impresses me as a slippery, sleazy, and darkly crafty man.  Perhaps the last in the Republican side of the race connected to the “old boy network.”  On the other side, the Democrats have Hillary Clinton.  She is looked upon with a range of emotions that go from mild disdain to out and out hatred.  Some of her worst critics say she is a “liar and a sneak.”  Others worship the ground she treads upon.  She was the worst Secretary of State ever, and was the reason Benghazi happened, and oh, those emails!  We also have Bernie Sanders.  He is well liked, and he has drawn to himself a young crowd of people, many of whom are “millennials,” who are looking for something different.  Bernie is a card-carrying socialist.  Things look grim.  Not much to choose from. Now, Donald Trump is the front-runner in the Republican Party, and without going into great detail – which we do not have time for – he has basically told his minions if the Republican Party prevents him from becoming the Republican Presidential Candidate, then there might be riots.  RIOTS, PEOPLE!  Nineteen sixty-eight all over, but this time, there is so much more at stake.  The whole world is watching this time too, and their nails are bitten down to the quick.  Trump has said many things that make him look anything but presidential.  But that statement he made about “…there might be riots…,” well that stuck in my head until I figured it out.  Could he possibly be giving his crowd of followers subliminal hints?  It’s something to think about.  Anyway, this time, it is so hard to get the process straight.  The good guys seem like bad guys, and the bad guys, well they look worse.  People are awakening quickly, and they are reacting with great energy as the veil is being torn from their view, and reality is illuminated like a sign on the Vegas Strip.  What will happen?  It doesn’t take being psychic to see what is happening, with all of the pieces falling into place.  Keep your eyes and ears open,  Prepare for whatever might take place.  It’s anyone’s guess.  I think this year’s experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo is a chance to meet with like minds to charge up with positive energy and light to make it through whatever takes place.  The only way we can get the word out is to keep speaking out about it to the world, one experiencer at a time, until the subject gains enough positive, potential energy to take hold and spread on its' own... 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

STARBORN SUPPORT RADIO only on KGRA Alternative Talk Radio

Welcome Back to the Starborn Supporter! 

It has been a while since my last post, my friends.  I apologize for not staying current.  Life, however, has a tendency to take our best laid plans and shake them up, much like the wind whipping up those leaves you worked so hard to collect in one spot...  One cannot control nature, though some people (and governments) try.  In a similar way, well, life happens.  I will do my best to keep current, writing up reviews of our shows, discussing relevant news items, and sparking discussion and dialogue concerning our current field of study, and our specialty branch, UFOs and Abduction Phenomena.

The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo:

Every year in late summer, Audrey and Debbie Hewins and the Hewins family, the most generous and giving family I have the pleasure and honor to call friends and colleagues, sponsor what I feel is the premier conference of the year, designed by experiencers for experiencers, called The Experiencers Speak Conference. 2016 is the 5th anniversary of this amazing gathering, and Audrey and Debbie Hewins are renaming it “The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo.” This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Starborn Support International. Therefore, this year is a cause for celebration! Another statistic supports the fact that every year, Starborn Support and Experiencers Speak grows bigger and bigger, serving more and more experiencers and their families.

The Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo conference, I'll say again, is like no other conference you might attend. The energy when you enter is overwhelmingly warm and inviting. All egos are left at the door. Everyone is an equal, from the Hewins family down to the humblest attendee.  Unconditional love and acceptance is the order of the day. Experiencers are all around you, and they are willing to share their stories. It is a fascinating event, one that you should consider attending if you have the time, or if you feel attending is on your bucket list!

There is one major problem that must be dealt with. Each year, as the conference grows, so do the bills. Experiencers Speak is a labor of love. The Hewins have never profited from the conference. As a matter of fact, the Hewins Family lays out thousands of dollars to cover expenses. And believe me, I’ve seen the numbers, and I am amazed at the amount of money it takes to put on a quality production such as the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo -- it costs a lot.

Here is the problem. This year very well might be the last year this amazing get together takes place. The Hewins family can no longer cover the expenses.  Every year it costs more and more to rent the venue, pay for food, speakers, and all of the bills that go along with the organizing. It puts a strain on the family’s finances, and remember – if expenses cannot be covered, there is no conference. There will be no annual get-together that serves literally hundreds of experiencers from the United States, from around the world, and it seems, worlds far away from ours!

As I mentioned right after our conference last year, we need to get into the mindset of “Experiencers helping Experiencers.” So, this year, Audrey “Starborn” Hewins has opened a “Go Fund Me” account. Here is the link:

They are looking to raise only 5,000.00, but let’s all work together if possible and try to make it ten thousand. After all of these years of selfless dedication to their cause, don’t you think they deserve at least that much? Let’s all try to be generous this year and give a hand to experiencers helping experiencers! Help make the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo 2016 the best year ever for the Hewins. Let’s all give back a little and make it a great year for Audrey, Debbie, and all of the Hewins family!

With over six million experiencers across the United States alone, it only takes five thousand to donate two dollars to make it ten grand. One dollar will make the Go Fund Me program reach its goal. So, don’t delay! Spread the word: Starborn Support, Audrey and Debbie Hewins, hosts of the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo, have a Go Fund Me campaign going on right now, and they need your help -- my help, everyone who benefits should lend a hand.  Let’s all chip in a dollar or two to help them out. If you can afford it, give a little more. If you are an experiencer, and you’re rolling in dough and can’t think of what to do with all that cash, We’d really love to hear from you.

You can keep this great conference alive.  The future is calling, and we will need understanding and compassion to move forward, and the Experiencers Speak Enlightenment Expo is the best place to listen, learn and feel all the emotion and caring needed.

Love you all!

Michael Austin Melton   and
Julia Yesner Weiss
Co-hosts, Starborn Support Radio

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Roswell Slides and Other Gaffes: What Does it Mean for Ufology?

What more can be said about the Roswell Slides that hasn’t already been said and rehashed?  Well, I want to throw in my two cents as creator of Starborn Support Radio, for what it’s worth.  First of all I, at least, and I think I speak for my colleagues as well, I hate to be duped…  and unfortunately, that is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of “Roswell Slides.”  The term “Roswell Slides” will, as F.D.R. said a long time ago, “ in infamy” as being the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back” in Ufology.  Never again will I, and I hope Ufology in general, be fooled.  Since I seem to be using famous quotes, “ Wef Wont Get Fooled Again!”  If we are fooled just one more time, then we are all just children waiting with bated breath for the new toy we have been promised, but then find it’s made of cheap plastic, and doesn’t work half the time, and we don't have the right batteries...  We will not be considered to be mature, intelligent researchers anymore – even though that is what we are.  Is the field that hungry that it still needs proof of the existence of aliens?  Have we not even more compelling evidence than a few slides?  What about Abduction Research?

I think this radio show presents exceptional evidence almost every week we broadcast.  There is no better proof of the existence of aliens than thousands of reports of abduction by, and contact and observation of alien entities a year.  There are probably a lot more than that; since December of 2014, I alone have contacted and in most cases interviewed experiencers of all sorts.  Multiply that by the seven researchers on our MUFON Experiencers Research Team, and that increases the numbers.  Add to that the number of people interviewed and aided by Starborn Support International, and once more, the numbers increase.  Finally, add to that total all of the experiencers aided by the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), and you have at least a thousand people – and that only covers the three organizations I am associated with.  There are many more organizations out there doing their best to help and service experiencers, and based on that estimation, we can safely say thousands of individuals each year, and the number of people coming out and openly talking about their abductions, contact or sighting of alien beings is greatly increasing.  The numbers alone constitute evidence so much more valuable than two bogus slides.  Also, there is a great percentage of correlation amongst experiencers’ reports.  Only a small percentage of reports fall on either side of the norm, some more exotic and fantastic, others more simple and clear-cut.  Some of these reports from this small group are from individuals who, unfortunately, suffer from some psychiatric condition, such as delusional disorder, or schizophrenia, while others are perpetrated by individuals who want their “15 minutes of fame,” claiming to be abductees, when they clearly are not.  I call this “The Wannabe Syndrome.”  I’ve always told people to be careful what they wish for…

In other words, a very large, and statistically significant number of people who claim to have been abducted – really have been abducted.  I admit, the only thing we have to go by is their reports, and occasionally a scoop mark or an implant.  In this field, however, that is evidence that weighs the same as a couple of so-called slides – maybe even more.   We forget at times that there are no experts in Ufology, but there are people who know more than others do about the science.  There are no answers to any of the phenomena we record, research and report.  There are only creative and theoretical suppositions regarding the presence of, activities of, and purpose of alien visitation to our planet.  We can only hope that one day soon, someone will stumble upon the conclusive evidence.  Even then – do we really need conclusive evidence?  Ask an abductee about conclusive evidence, and then pull up a chair – you will be there for a while as they describe a lifetime of contact and interaction with otherworldly beings.  Conclusive as you can get!  Who needs slides?  Not Abduction Researchers!

Colleagues, we cannot allow ourselves to be fooled again.  We must approach any fantastic claim with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Before we begin “dancing in the streets” we should investigate the evidence with the utmost care, and investigate the investigator or investigators who did the research, and the people reporting such a ground breaking and world-changing collection of evidence.  Until all of that work has been done – diligent and close scrutiny of all the evidence – any word of the discovery should be kept out of public awareness – not to hide the truth, but to make sure the researchers are reporting the truth, and not some half-cocked, heavily hyped, suspiciously hidden until people put out good money discovery that looks in hindsight like more of a scam than an astounding discovery.  Some paid one hundred dollars to attend that presentation.  I’m sure thousands of others forked over twenty bucks for the right to watch the event in real time over the Internet.

In plain English, those Roswell Slides really sucked, and made most of us look like fools as we ecstatically clapped our hands in anticipation and swooned at the mere thought of finally hearing that aliens are real.  Ufology as a hopeful field of scientists, researchers and investigators, hobbyists and the like looking for mainstream recognition as a real field of study will for sure be relegated to the discount rack of science and discovery, full of crazies hunting for unobtanium.  In the public eye, we will lose it all.

Don’t even get me started on infighting and blatant defamation of character by a handful of plain idiots who have no idea whom they are messing with…

Oops – Did I really say that?  I better quit while I still hold on to my self-respect.  Thanks for reading.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rendlesham Forest: Larry Warren and Peter Robbins Lay it out!! You must listen!!

STARBORN SUPPORT RADIO: Where Experiencers Speak!

This Saturday: I really don't have to sell this one hard.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident has been hotly disputed, wrongly presented, left out witnesses, discredited witnesses, said certain witnesses weren't even present... (WHAT?) government played mind games with witnesses, especially our guest this week, I could go on. We are in the middle of the third decade since the incident -- the third night. The night it all went down. Listen, If you haven't read "Left at East Gate," please read it. I'm not trying to sell books for Peter and Larry, I'm trying to prepare you. Borrow the book from a friend, rent it from the library. Because this weekend, Saturday night, It will all be laid bare. The truth will be spread out before your ears... I have instructed Larry Warren and Peter Robbins not to spare anything. Not to candy coat anything. My dear listeners, You might have heard these distinguished gentlemen on other shows, and they ripped it up. I am removing all of the restraints as well.

Larry will be coming to us live from Liverpool, and Peter live from Ithaca New York. All of our superb hosts will be present. Chris Augustin, Julia Weiss, Sacha Christie, and me, of course, Michael Austin Melton.

These gentlemen have been trying to spread the truth behind the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Believe me, the truth will be told.

Please join us for another Starborn Support Radio Show. If you haven't listened before, thie show will be a good introduction to the Starborn style.

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Starborn Support Radio Loves you all!


Friday, March 20, 2015

A Round-Table Preview

         Welcome to our round table show!  Tonight, we are going to look back on our shows from February 7th, Miriam Delicado’s show to Last week’s show, where we talked to Bridget Smith.  Between Bridget and Miriam we had the distinct pleasure to join with Rev. John Polk, Carrie Boyer, and Miesha Johnson.  We started the year with Butch Witkowski, Founder and director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania.  We spoke with Thom Reed, Our own co-host Sacha Christie with Carrie Boyer, and on that show we were graced with the appearance of Linda Cortile, and Deb Jordan-Kauble.  Getting to talk with Linda on the air is a rarity, and we here at Starborn and KGRA are ever grateful that Linda chose our show to talk about Budd Hopkins, and of course, her experiences.  We spoke with Nancy Tremaine the following week, and she shared with us her story, quite an amazing tale of abduction and transformation.  The week after that, we spoke with a young musician from Philadelphia, one Mark Sgambato and another young Philadelphian, Ariel Levine.
            It is important to remember that a few of these fine individuals found the desire and bravery to step into our virtual studio in the cloud and reveal for the first time their abduction and contact experiences.  We have had many people on this show in the past  – “first-timers,” as it were, who found the same courage to openly talk about their experiences.  Why are we able to have so many come on this show and talk freely?  To put it plainly, the atmosphere is changing.  The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, or FREE, has declared 2015 as “The Year of the Experiencer.”  October 1st will be the very first “Experiencer Liberation Day.”  This day will be celebrated annually until the truth is revealed, that we are involved with aliens and humanoids at every level of existence – government, citizenry, and at different levels or planes of reality, that we all share the same space – an infinitely large and spacious universe teaming with life, and the desire for exploration and adventure.  Our hope is that they all desire peace and good relations.
            There are also some internal struggles going on.  Over the course of 2014, a few of our well known experiencers and researchers suffered attempts to ruin their credibility.  Is this jealousy within the ranks, or is it some external body of force doing their best to halt our movement toward the truth?  Are we being pushed away when we get too close?  This phenomenon occurs here in the States, and across the pond in the UK, where one event which occurred 35 years ago is still hotly debated, and many things, both events and people continue to be discredited.  I think the pot is being stirred from outside our ranks.  I think that we are getting close; too close for comfort among some factions and their spies within our community, and they are squirming, desperately trying to thwart the waves of experiencers that will, in short time, assist in revealing the truth in a very big way.  I do agree – this is the year of the experiencer.  Look out, darkness, we’re about to turn on the light!  What do you think?  (call us and share your thoughts.)  Jump in to our chat room and share with us.  Read our blog – where this will be posted.  Your thoughts  really matter, and we want to hear them.  Let’s get on with the show!

          Hello, everyone!  I posted this copy of the March 21st prologue in order to open a dialog with everyone interested and / or involved.  We at the Radio Show want your thoughts and opinions.  Leave a comment or so!

Love to you all!
Michael Austin Melton
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